Vocational Training For tomorrow leaders

Free computer and vocational courses break barriers and build futures.

Free courses empower individuals to build brighter futures by providing essential digital literacy and vocational skills, overcoming barriers to quality education and training in today’s evolving world.

List of Courses:

  1. Auto Cad
  2. Spoken English
  3. Amazon VA
  4. Cooking & Baking
  5. Industrial Electrition
  6. Graphic Designing
  7. Tailoring & stitching
  8. Beautification
  9. Basic IT
  10. Web Development 

We are currently offering 10 Free courses at our Noor Technical and Vocational Training Institute, Lahore

Spreading Hope and Inspiration, Breaking Stigmas

The scope of the Noor Technical and Vocational Training Institute extends beyond providing education and training. It also offers career counseling, job placement assistance, and mentorship programs. The institute partners with local businesses and industries, ensuring that the courses remain relevant and aligned with market demands. By collaborating with the community, the institute creates a supportive network that nurtures students’ aspirations and helps them succeed.

In conclusion, free computer and vocational courses offered by institutes like the Noor Technical and Vocational Training Institute have a transformative impact on individuals and communities. By breaking barriers and equipping individuals with essential skills, these courses empower people to build brighter futures. They foster employability, entrepreneurship, digital literacy, and personal development, ultimately creating a more inclusive and prosperous society.