Sharing the Blessings of Meaty Eid: Qurbani With The Noor Project

Your Qurbani Their Happiness

Welcome to The Noor Project’s Qurbani initiative, where your sacred act of sacrifice reaches borders, reaching hearts in need.

Here, your Qurbani isn’t just an act of faith. It’s a HOPE lighting up 1000s of lives. 

At Noor project:

1.       We don’t simply distribute meat. We share joy.

2.       We don’t just do Qurbani. We build bonds of brotherhood.

3.       We don’t just serve meals. We create moments of gratitude.

4.       With your Qurbani, we create moments of happiness and gratitude among the underprivileged. 


Ever Wondered about the Journey of Your Qurbani?

Poverty… Hunger… Insecurity… 

They aren’t just words. They are harsh realities for millions. 

But have you ever considered how your Qurbani can reshape these realities?

Take a moment to ponder:

Over 37% of Pakistanis grapple with poverty daily. An estimated 2.4 million children are trapped in the grips of malnutrition.


Now, think about the power of your Qurbani:

  • A single act that provides meals to 1000s of people. 
  • A single donation feeds 10,000+ individuals during Eid-ul-Adha.
  • A single moment brings smiles & hope to the hopeless.

Your Qurbani, Their Joy: Choose Your Impact

Every donation makes a difference. But how big of a difference? That’s your choice:

Option 1 (Cow Portion): The Helping Hand (Rs. 26,000): Follow the Sunnah of Qurbani and provide high-quality meat to those who crave a wholesome meal. This might be the only time they taste meat the whole year.

Option 2 (Goat): The Joy Bringer (Rs. 50,000): This Qurbani package is about more than meat. You’ll be feeding families throughout Eid, turning your sacrifice into their celebration.

Option 3 (Full Cow): The Lifesaver (Rs. 182,000): Choose this Qurbani package; your generosity extends beyond Eid. You’re not just feeding families for a day; you’re securing their meals for the coming days.

Pick the package that touches your heart and becomes a hope for those who need it.

Can You Turn A Page In Someone's Story Today?
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Your Qurbani Gift : Eid Blessings Amplified

Imagine the impact of your generosity:

  • Feasting on Eid Joy: You’ll turn meals into moments of pure delight. We serve people who get to eat meat only once a year, and your contribution can enable them to enjoy Eid festivities.

  • Warmth of a Shared Celebration: Your Qurbani donation won’t just provide a meal. It will also bring to them the spirit of Eid, the feeling of being part of a larger community, a shared celebration.

  • A Gift That Keeps Giving: With every bite of the food, they will remember and appreciate your kindness – a gift that keeps giving even after the feast.

Can You Can Turn a Page In someone's story Today?

Our work speaks for itself, but the stories of our supporters resonate even louder. 

“This is by far one of the most amazing projects I have come across, where a dedicated team is selflessly helping/assisting the masses on an immense magnitude creating a huge IMPACT! Peace & Blessings!”
Muhammad Usman
DONOR -Qurbani Program

Donate Today. Change Life. Give Gift of Dignity.


Q. Why should I choose The Noor Prjoject's Online Qurbani service?
Why Choose Us

Ans. We are providing easy, hassle-free, safe, healthy, and economical Online Qurbani services in line with our efforts to facilitate our supporters and well-wishers across the world.

When you select our online Qurbani service, you will be sharing the happiness of Eid-ul-Azha with those who cannot afford it. Meat from Qurbani will be distributed amongst the deserving families in different parts of Pakistan

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Q. Who is eligible to get meat?
Meat eligibility

Ans. Meat from Qurbani will be distributed amongst the deserving families in different parts of Pakistan. All proceeds from the sale of animal hides will be utilised to support different causes of The Noor Project.

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Q. What is the selection process for Qurbani animals?
Meat eligibility

Ans. We select healthy goats and cows while ensuring that the slaughtering services are rendered in a hygienic manner and in accordance with the Islamic injunctions.

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Q. Will I get the Qurbani meat?
Meat eligibility

Ans. We do not offer meat for self-collection as the entire Qurbani meat is distributed amongst the deserving families in different parts of Pakistan.

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Q. Where should I contact if I have any issues while placing Qurbani order?
Meat eligibility

Ans. For any online Qurbani related queries, you can write to us at or call at 0304 1114890 (Pakistan) and we will resolve your issue as soon as possible.

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