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The Noor Project is dedicated to uplifting impoverished communities by providing education, job training, healthcare facilities, and food assistance. Our initiatives include constructing schools, awarding scholarships, offering vocational training, promoting health and wellness, empowering families through small business development, and providing essential food supplies.

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Support The Noor Project. Transforming lives through education, healthcare, skill development, clean water, women empowerment, orphan support, feeding the needy, disaster relief, digital literacy, and sustainability. 

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Our Founders

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Since 2012, our mission has been to distribute charity and express gratitude to those who accept it, believing it improves our after-life.

 It all began unknowingly on a scorching summer day in Lahore, when we handed out a food platter to the less fortunate. Witnessing the overwhelming response, we knew we had to continue. With more families joining us, The Noor Project grew into what it is today. 

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The Noor Project: Bringing Hope to Communities in Need

We are committed to seeing a new era of children and adults in our lifetime break the cycle of poverty and create a community that sees the dignity of humanity once again

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We empower and transform over 1.6 Million + lives every year.

Every year, we make a profound impact by empowering over a million individuals and families, enabling them to transform their lives for the better.

Exciting update from The Noor Project:
Alhamdullilah ! We've reached 65% of our 2022-2027 goals.

Your support can help provide vital resources and support for those in need, giving them a chance for a better future.

Your sponsorship encompasses health, social and educational programs and resources.

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The Noor Project: Changing Lives

Transforming lives through education, skills, healthcare, and shelter. Join us in empowering the vulnerable through donations, volunteering, and spreading awareness.